I haven’t gotten this angry in a while.

While talking with someone today, I brought up how Kesha is really smart and had an IQ of 140. We started talking about how we liked her and my friend said something about her taking some time away from music to do community service just because she wanted to help the community. I brought up how sad it was that she had also recently spent a stint of time in rehab for an eating disorder because her manager harassed her about her weight.

To which a third party stated, “Well she’s obviously not that smart for listening to him.”

I was floored. I pray that no one around her had an eating disorder because that was one of the most insensitive things I have ever heard. Intelligence has nothing to do with eating disorders. People with one are not dumb. It shows that society has fucked them up. Not their intelligence. I had to walk away. I cannot fathom the mindset behind that.

Sorry for my rant but I got really angry and needed to vent.